Bait Tech N Tice Polony

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  • Protein Rich
  • Simple but unbelievable fish attraction

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Product Description

Bait Tech N Tice Polony meat is the best selling meat….ever! A constant favourite with continued success. Bait-Tech’s unique blend of 8 secret Herbs and Spices makes this one of a kind meat the ultimate hook and feed bait. Carp, barbel, bream all adore the spicy flavours and so many peopple reported getting bites ‘quicker’. This can’t be coincidence. They find the pungent aromas faster than anything else in coloured water.
Can be used in a mulititude of ways including:

  • Hooking
  • Hair-riggins
  • Chopped and loose fed
  • Grated and mixed with groundbait
  • Pressed and formed into a paste
  • Simple but unbelievable fish attraction
  • Protein Rich

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