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E-Sox Snap Tackle wire traces are ideal for all live and dead­bait present­a­tions. They incor­porate strong treble hooks in sizes 6, 8 and 10 and in a choice of Barbed or Semi Barbed varieties. Each E-Sox Snap Tackle trace is 40cm long and made from reli­able 24lb stain­less steel 7 Strand wire with slim crimps securely attaching the treble hooks. The size 10 trebles are ideal for small prey fish between 9cm and 11cm. The size 8s are best suited to medium-sized baits from 11cm to 13cm. The largest size 6 trebles are best matched to larger fish of 13cm to 15cm.

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Size 6 Barbed, Size 8 Barbed, Size 10 Barbed, Size 6 Semi Barbed, Size 8 Semi Barbed, Size 10 Semi Barbed


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