Gemini Genie Ready Rig Single Hook Clip Down

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Product Description

This is a simple distance clip down rig, using a Genie Rig Clip to hold the hook bait close behind the sinker (not supplied). The snood is kept taught by an adjustable stop knot, taking some of the strain.

This is a good general purpose rig!

Rig Specification:

Rig Body Length: 830mm @ 60lb

Snood Length: 700mm @ 35lb

Hook: Mustad Viking 2/0

What You Will Need To Build Your Own:

Main Rig Body: 1 x Genie Link Clip 3 x Genie Standard Rig Beads – 3mm 1 x Genie 45lb Snood Swivel 1 x Genie Mini Crimp 1 x 6mm Length of Genie 1.5mm Silicone Rig Tube (stop knot) 1 x Genie Rig Clip 1 x 1130mm Length of 60lb main line.

Snood: 1 x Genie Snood Clip 1 x 5mm Length of Genie 1mm Silicone Tube (stop knot/bait stop) 1 x Genie Sequin 1 x Mustad Viking 2/0 Hook 1 x 700mm Length of 35lb line

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