Guru Hybrid Inline Feeder

Product Code: GURU-HF


  •  New advanced feeder design
  • Quick to load
  • Weight forward design helps accurate casting
  • Holes are located for rapid bait release


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Product Description

Guru Hybrid Inline Feeder is the brainchild of Guru-backed matchman Paul Holland. He’d made initial prototypes from standard method feeder, building up retaining sides made from the plastic packet that the feeders come in! His aim was to produce a feeder that had the compactness of a pellet feeder, but with the aerodynamics of a method feeder.

Plenty of holes in the frame of the feeder ensure that the bait that you pack onto it can be sucked off the feeder almost as soon as the feeder hits the deck, allowing you to convert bites quickly. It’s extremely quick to load too, which allows you to spend more time ‘on fish’ when you’re in the zone. To load, all you do is thumb a little dampened pellet into the base of the feeder, pop your hook bait on top and press a little more pellet over the top, slightly less firmly.

The raised sides that Paul designed protects the bait on impact, when you’re having to cast a long way, ensuring that the bait gets to the bottom as you’d like it to! The critical hook bait placement means that your bait is available and presented perfectly from the moment your feeder touches down.

The Guru Hybrid Inline Feeder is available in three sizes: mini (24g), small (24g and 36g), Medium (32g  and 42g) and large (36g, 48g, 55g).

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