Guru Impact Bomb

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They’re the ultimate one-bite trap for carp, bream, tench, F1s, barbel, chub and big silvers! Fill the bombs full of feed and away you go.

  • A bomb designed to carry a small amount of feed.

2 bombs per packet


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Product Description

Ever wanted to use a bomb full of feed?

The Guru Impact Bomb is perfect bombs for carrying a small amount of feed. They’re the perfect balance between a feeder and straight lead, depositing an enticing trail of pellets, Goo, groundbait, liquidised meat/bread or paste in your swim when the bomb impacts the water at ranges of up to 80m.

  • A bomb designed to carry a small amount of feed.
  • Essentially a bomb with a hole in the middle revealing a cage for bait to be pushed into.
  • Finished in Guru’s Commercial Camo.
  • Comes in weights 2/3oz (19g), 1.1oz (31g), 1.5oz (43g) and 2oz (57g).


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Terminal tackle


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